Within the framework of the implementation of the program, KESSA DIMITRA provided the people living in the Social Institutions with complementary food items and personal hygiene items according to the individual needs of each institution.

The program aimed at encouraging the Serbians and Kosovars, so that they take the first steps towards their return to a normal life, through the provision of immediate humanitarian assistance, during the period which followed the NATO action in the area.

Following the evaluation and recording of the needs of the affected area, KESSA DIMITRA provided and distributed building materials such as cement, timber, bricks and lime for the repairing of 179 houses, which suffered damaged from the floods.

1.Structuring of a credit fund for FOCLA (agricultural association).

2.Operation of the credit fund

3.Construction of offices for the housing of the credit fund

Following the purchase of the necessary technical equipment and its transportation from Hellas to Georgia, the program focused on the training of the trainers (200 hours of theory and 200 hours of practice) and the training of the young journalists (370 hours of theory and 320 hours of practice).