The awareness raising program started in November 2001, aiming at facilitating the networking of Hellenic NGOs in Hellas, contributing to the development of cooperations among them for the planning and implementation of integrated humanitarian assistance and development oriented projects in Hellas and abroad and to sensitize people, but mainly youth on issues related to humanism, volunteerism and social offer.

The project aimed at the implementation of two large-scale activities:

  • Installation of 37 laundry mats with 10 washing machines each, in 12 prefabricated houses' settlements, which aimed at the development of hygiene support measures in the settlements.

The project aimed at the alleviating of the suffering of the earthquake victims through the provision of essential relief items and psychological support, alongside the strengthening of friendship and solidarity between the people of Europe and Turkey.

The project was designed in order to support the organisation and operation of the two Social Centres with various cultural and training activities, thus contributing to the Hellenic - Turkish approximation on the level of Civil Society, exposing simultaneously the centres’ personnel to European Practices through the transfer of know how.

Virtually, the project constituted a continuation of the project "Humanitarian Aid to Social Institutions of South-Eastern Serbia", funded by ECHO.