Creating jobs at a local level through public benefit programs, the Region of Thessaly

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Additional Info

Program Type Job creation and awareness of society
Project Location Larissa
Target Group Unemployed persons
Duration 5 months (2012-2013)
Partners Municipality of Larissa
Budget - Funding Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare and the European Social Fund of Greece: 130,875.20 €
Program state Finished program

The programme was consisted of the following actions:

  • Awareness-raising action in the districts of the Municipality of Larissa and collection of second-hand clothing, shoes and recyclable items.
  • Awareness-raising mechanism for the students at the schools of Larissa
  • Workshop for the exploitation of recyclable materials for the production of jewellery and useful objects such as money boxes, purses, plastic curtains, chandeliers, office accessories, pencil cups, flowers, wind cones, lamps, Christmas and other decorations.
  • 500 products will be send to policy-makers, businesses and organisations of the Municipality of Larissa so as to raise awareness and encourage them to adopt recycling practices.
  • For the implementation of the above actions, 40 unemployed persons were recruited, belonging to the following categories: Administrative staff: 1 person, animators for Larissa schools and citizens: 14 persons, craftsmen: 13 persons, staff for the registration of materials: 2 persons, general duty workers: 10 persons.

    Citizens could be informed for each action through social media pages (