736 Ideas for a Dream: Νew ways of communication and dialogue between members of the Europarliament and European citizens fighting against social exclusion

The basic aim of the program was the emergence of the vital phenomenon of social exclusion and the way of its confrontation, as these became perceptible from citizens. The program was materialised as 2010 is the European Year of Fighting Poverty & Social Exclusion.

The “Cultural City with a bike”, as we named the action, was an outdoor exhibition of art of many and different styles having bicycle as a main constructional material.

A team of important and recognisable artists as the gentlemen and ladies: Kostas Varnas, Vangelis Zafeiroulis,

The program aimed at sensitizing the citizens of the Municipality of Maroussi, the students, the visitors of the city, young people and many other environmental and cultural organizations

The projects aimed at sensitizing a large number of Primary & Secondary education pupils, but also the residents of the three participating cities on the problems associated with the lack of water not only in the developing, but also the developed countries, as well as on teaching them how they can contribute to a more rational management of the water resources.

Program “Cultural city on a bike” was a sculpting exhibition on the subject of merging all the elements and benefits the modern city resident can reap from using the bicycle as a means of transportation, given through art. The aim of the initiative was the sensitization of the citizens with respect to the quality of life which they do not have anymore in the modern big cities and the promotion of the bicycle as the most health and eco-friendly transportation option.