The humanitarian assistance project, which was successfully completed on the 30th of November 2003 after a month of an extension, aimed at improving the medical treatment conditions of vulnerable social groups at the hospitals of Baghad and the surrounding regions, which faced shortages with respect to pharmaceutical consumables and personal hygiene items.

Program Emergency Humanitarian Assistance to the Afghan Refugees at the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan, aimed at the provision of immediate humanitarian assistance to the Afghan Refugees and the IDPs inside Afghanistan, who had fled to areas close to the borders of the two countries after the events of the 11th of September 2001.

The program covered the wider Mediterranean basin and through its activities, aimed among others at the following:

Lending a helping hand: Humanitarian assistance at the Dawn of the 21st century

The implementation of the awareness raising program achieved the following objectives:

  • Sensitization of a large amount of highschool pupils on humanitarian related issues, so that they can comprehend the mechanisms at work and their interest could be triggered towards a healthy attitude on life.

Aid for 2 Social Institutions - Providing sustainable food input and assistance with minor repairs for micro-farms

The program focused on the creation of reproduction spaces for pigs and chicken and the purchase of animals, which were placed in these spaces. It also included the purchase of the forage for the duration of the project.