Distribution of the humanitarian assistance collected by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the victims of the tsunami in Ambara and Hambantota

Following the humanitarian disaster, which struck the wider region in December 2004, the program focused on the distribution of a large part of the humanitarian assistance collected in kind by the Greek people under the coordination of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and which was subsequently shipped to Sri Lanka on the specially adapted sea cruiser "Ocean Monarch", which also constituted a hospital for the victims of the tsunami.

The overall objective of the project was to promote the concept of water as a right and a common good belonging to all human beings. More specifically, the program aimed at the following:

  • Sensitization of the public of the conditions of water access in developing countries,

The main objective of the program was the empowerment of the Pakistani NGOs working in the field of protecting the human rights of two particularly vulnerable social groups, women and children.

Gateway to self-employment, Palestinian Women Cooperatives' empowerment in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan

The program aimed at securing the long-term viability of the cooperatives of Palestinian Refugee women, but also women who dwell in rural areas and engage in the creation of ceramics, embroidery, weaving, food processing and other traditional occupations.

Within the framework of the Budget Line YOUTH issued by the European Commission Directorate General Education and Culture, KESSA DIMITRA participated in the Youth Exchange Program 4 DIFFERENT FOR ONE AIM, which took place in Nevsehir, Turkey. The youth exchange was coordinated by the Sema Yazar Youth Foundation,which is headquartered in Ankara.