The program covered the wider Mediterranean basin and through its activities, aimed among others at the following:

Lending a helping hand: Humanitarian assistance at the Dawn of the 21st century

The implementation of the awareness raising program achieved the following objectives:

  • Sensitization of a large amount of highschool pupils on humanitarian related issues, so that they can comprehend the mechanisms at work and their interest could be triggered towards a healthy attitude on life.

The awareness raising program started in November 2001, aiming at facilitating the networking of Hellenic NGOs in Hellas, contributing to the development of cooperations among them for the planning and implementation of integrated humanitarian assistance and development oriented projects in Hellas and abroad and to sensitize people, but mainly youth on issues related to humanism, volunteerism and social offer.

The project aimed at the promotion of Developmental Education in Hellas and the increase of the level of awareness and sensitisation of the target groups with respect to developmental issues, with the simultaneous promotion and dissemination of the cultural differences between countries. The activities implemented within the framework of the project, were the following:

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