The project aimed at sensitizing a large number of pupils from the last classes of Primary School and from High schools from Thessaloniki on the humanitarian and development crises which affect our planet,

The program began on 27/11/2007 from a team of organizations sensitized on issues that concern Water in national and world level. The program tried to sensitize all citizens as well as the governments as far as the following subjects were concerned:

Many people, especially young people take part in environmental activities through voluntary and civil society work however there is little or no validated recognition for this. This project examined how all these groups activities on environmental projects could be validated and accredited by using a system that would be effective, flexible and credible.

The initiative “My city on a bike” aimed at demonstrating the potential of volunteerism, effecting also a significant change in the quality of life of all of us. The initiative fell within a series of commitments and perspectives opened by the Civil Society and aimed at showing that through small, everyday changes, we can all contribute to the improvement of our everyday life, adopting a different attitude. It aimed at kindling a more ecological conscience in the participants and at making them to use the bicycle as a transportation means in the city. This way they experienced the well-being and the joy of sports, but their ecological conscience was enhanced. 

The overall objective of the project was to promote the concept of water as a right and a common good belonging to all human beings. More specifically, the program aimed at the following:

  • Sensitization of the public of the conditions of water access in developing countries,
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