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Construction and equipping of a Vocational Training Centre

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Additional Info

Program Type Developmental program in Senegal
Project Location The village Kayar, Senegal.
Target Group The project concerned directly 2.000 village youth, while it benefited indirectly around 3.000 families.
Duration 14 months (1994-1995)
Partners COSMAK (Comite de Suivi et d'entretien de l' ecole de Kayar).
Budget - Funding The total budget came up to 144.786 ECU, with funding received from the European Commission D.G. Development and Ergas S.A.
Program state Finished program

The main aims of the project, were among others, the following:


  • The reconstruction of the school of Kayar, alongside the improvement of the existent infrastructure for the provision of training on agricultural techniques.
  • The construction of 3 new homerooms / workshops and a simultaneous increase of the pupils by 200-250.
  • Purchase of training material and school equipment, such as blackboards, desks, chairs etc.
  • Purchase of agricultural materials and tools, such as seeds, fertilizers, shovels etc.
  • Training on new agricultural techniques.
  • Improvement of the educational level of the village youth, with a simultaneous increase of school attendance, while informing their parents on the necessity of school attendance and the general need of their childrens' presence in education.