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Aid for 2 Social Institutions in Serbia

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Program Type Post-humanitarian program in Serbia
Project Location South-Eastern Serbia and more specifically the areas surrounding the city of Nis
Target Group The direct beneficiaries of the project were 1.578 people living in two Social Institutions in South Eastern Serbia, in an area surrounding Nis. They were either socially or economically disadvantaged.Many of them had mental, sensory or kinetic disabilities, other suffered from long term or incurable diseases and others were children or elderly. The common denominator of all the beneficiaries of the project, was the fact that they depended solely on external aid and could not sustain themselves.
Duration 6 months (2001-2002)
Partners Nis Municipality
Budget - Funding The total project budget came up to the amount of 187.934 Euro, from which 75 % (102.714 Euro) was provided by the International Development Cooperation Department (Hellenic Aid) of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the rest 25% (35.219 Euro) was the own contribution of our organization.
Program state Finished program

Aid for 2 Social Institutions - Providing sustainable food input and assistance with minor repairs for micro-farms

The program focused on the creation of reproduction spaces for pigs and chicken and the purchase of animals, which were placed in these spaces. It also included the purchase of the forage for the duration of the project.

The further aim of the project was to enable the Social Institutions personnel to continue the activity after the end of the intervention, so that they could become gradually released from their dependence from humanitarian organisations. KESSA DIMITRA initiated this activity as the first part of a comprehensive approach aiming to expand to all 22 Social Institutions of South-Eastern Serbia, with which the organisation has developed excellent working relations through previous collaborations. It was anticipated that the intervention would expand with funding from other international organisations.