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Humanitarian aid to Social Institutions in South-Eastern Serbia

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Program Type Humanitarian aid program in Serbia
Project Location South-Eastern Serbia (Nis and Zajecer areas).
Target Group The residents of 33 Social Institutions (homes for the elderly, youth training centers, psychiatric clinics, schools for people with special abilities etc.), as well as individual social cases, such as self-sustained mothers with two or more children or mentally retarded children in private accommodation.
Duration 6 months (2000-2001)
Partners Care International, Action Contre la Faim, World Food Program, The Orthodox Church of Nis and the Local Authorities of the city of Nis.
Budget - Funding The total funding came up to 80.000.000 Hellenic Drachmas, with funding from received from the Hellenic International Development Cooperation Department (Hellenic Aid) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Program state Finished program

Virtually, the project constituted a continuation of the project "Humanitarian Aid to Social Institutions of South-Eastern Serbia", funded by ECHO.

During its implementation, the residents of the Social Institutions and the individual Social Cases received 5.000 winter jackets, 450 beds and mattresses, 500 bed linen sets, 1.000 towels and 400 stoves.