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Training of journalists in Mass Media and new technologies

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Additional Info

Program Type Developmental program in Georgia
Project Location Tbilisi, Georgia.
Target Group 120 young journalists, from whom 20 were trained as trainers and the rest received training on issues related to the Mass Media and new technologies.
Duration 10 months (1997-1998)
Partners Georgian-Greek Humanitarian Academy, Institution of International Social Affairs
Budget - Funding The total program budget came up to the amount of 271.285 ECU, with a 75% funding (203.464 ECU) from the European Commission D.G. Development and the remaining 25% (67.821 ECU) from the General Secretariat of Greeks abroad.
Program state Finished program

Following the purchase of the necessary technical equipment and its transportation from Hellas to Georgia, the program focused on the training of the trainers (200 hours of theory and 200 hours of practice) and the training of the young journalists (370 hours of theory and 320 hours of practice).

Among others, the main aims of the project were the following:

  • Strengthening of journalist professionalism.
  • Improvement of the operation of the Georgian Mass Media through the reformation of the ways the local and national news are presented and broadcasted.
  • Promotion of democratic values and pluralist meanings, as these relate to human rights and the rights of the minorities.
  • Re-adjustment of the way political, social and economic facts are recorded and analysed.
  • Application of the freedom of press.