Training of unemployed youth and women in order to re-integrate them into the labor market

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Program Type Developmental program in Moldova
Project Location Kishinev, Moldova
Target Group 600 unemployed youth and women, with basic and university training.
Duration 24 months (1995-1997)
Partners Centre of Development and Training "European Perspective", The Helsinki Citizens' Assembly.
Budget - Funding The total project budget came up to the amount of 336.780 ECU, with a 75% funding received from European Commission DG Development. The overall budget corresponding to the activities of KESSA DIMITRA came up to the amount of 80.000 ECU, with a 75% funding received from the EU. The remaining 20% (20.000 ECU) constituted the own funding of the organization.
Program state Finished program

The project constituted an integrated approach, which allowed the target group to enrich its professional qualifications, become exposed to the application of new technologies and improved its offered services.

The following activities were implemented within its framework:

  • 10 training courses, with the participation of 50 people each.
  • Training of the participants on the methodology of establishment, organisation and operation of small enterprises, with simultaneous training on issues related to democratic procedures and the application of democracy, the theory and methodology of journalism and the application of new technologies.
  • Establishment and organisation of an advisory centre, which offered the youth information on job opportunities, the methodology for the creation and administration of a small enterprise and ways of improving the services offered by them.