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NGO Society Net-Network for the promotion of Volunteerism

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Additional Info

Program Type Public awareness program in Hellas
Project Location The program was implemented in Hellas, but it is expanded to global level as well, as it has a direct and indirect impact on all the countries Hellenic humanitarian and developmental NGOs are active in.
Target Group The project adressed the Hellenic NGOs regardless of their field of activation, the wider public wishing to become informed on humanitarian and social issues but also become actively involved in the activities of Hellenic NGOs and disadvantaged populations both in Hellas and abroad.
Duration 6 months (2001-2002)
Partners Medecins Sans Frontieres, Hellas
Budget - Funding The total budget of the program came up to the amount of 74.835 Euro, with a 75% funding received from the International Development Cooperation Department (Hellenic Aid) of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The overall bθdget corresponding to the activities of KESSA DIMITRA came up to 37.173 Euro (a 75% funding from Hellenic Aid - 27.880 Euro) and the remaining amount constituted the own contribution of our organization to the project.
Program state Finished program

The awareness raising program started in November 2001, aiming at facilitating the networking of Hellenic NGOs in Hellas, contributing to the development of cooperations among them for the planning and implementation of integrated humanitarian assistance and development oriented projects in Hellas and abroad and to sensitize people, but mainly youth on issues related to humanism, volunteerism and social offer.


The aims of the project were the following:

  • The familiarization of Hellenic NGOs and the development of fruitful cooperations
  • The familiarization of the public and youth in particular with the Hellenic NGOs
  • The promotion of Social Dialogue
  • The promotion of volunteer offer
  • The finding of private, national, european and transnational funding sources for the activities of the NGOs

The project developed around the establishment of an Internet Portal, which can be found at the address www.anthropos.gr, constituting the first ever Hellenic Portal dedicated exclusively to the promotion of humanitarian and development oriented issues. The rest of the activities played a supportive role to the creation of the Portal and aimed at making it known to the public and particularly youth, but also to the NGOs themselves, whose operation the Portal is anticipated to improve.

Through the Portal, the participating NGOs have the opportunity to access information on:

  • International and Hellenic developments in the field
  • National, European and international sources of funding
  • Offer of volunteer work by the citizens, who are interested to contribute to the activities of the NGOs
  • The existence of other NGOs in Hellas and their field of activation

But they can also inform the public on:

  • Their activities in Hellas and abroad
  • The opportunities which exist with respect to volunteer work and offer.

The Internet Portal "anthropos.gr" was launched on the 18th of January 2001, fully operational, updated and ready to be used by the Hellenic NGOs and the public. The operation of the Portal has been particularly successful, as even today, many interested people visit it every month.