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Humanitarian assistance at the Dawn of the 21st century

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Program Type Public awareness program in Hellas
Project Location The program was implemented in Hellas and more specifically: Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Patras, Ioannina and Xanthe
Target Group More than 5.000 school pupils aged 12 to 14, 500 schools, 100 teachers, journalists and the wider public benefited as a result of project implementation.
Duration 10 months (2002-2003)
Partners Hellenic Radio Television-ERT 3, Cultural Association SYN.POLITIS
Budget - Funding The overall project budget came up to the amount of 190.000 Euro. The budget corresponding to the activities of KESSA DIMITRA came up to the amount of 116.229. Financial Report / Funding: 50% (58.114,5 euro)was provided by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO) and the other 50% (58.114,5 euro) by the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad.
Program state Finished program

Lending a helping hand: Humanitarian assistance at the Dawn of the 21st century

The implementation of the awareness raising program achieved the following objectives:

  • Sensitization of a large amount of highschool pupils on humanitarian related issues, so that they can comprehend the mechanisms at work and their interest could be triggered towards a healthy attitude on life.
  • The presentation and promotion of the role played by ECHO in the international humanitarian assistance scene.
  • Creation of awareness raising tools in the form of a CD-ROM and a Website, which can be used by the pupils, but also their teachers in an effort to broaden their knowledge on humanitarian issues.
  • Within the framework of the program, a team of volunteers guided by an expert on theatrical activities, visited schools and undertook the following activities, with the active participation of the children:

    • Participative training sessions for the children, focusing on humanitarian and volunteerism issues.
    • Organizing of a photo exhibition with photographic material collected by Hellenic Humanitarian Organizations-ECHO partners during their missions.
    • Painting exhibition by children coming from regions affected by the effects of catastrophic man made interventions.

    The pupils were given the information leaflets of the program, alongside a CD ROM produced within its framework, which contained information on humanitarian crises, the contribution of ECHO for the improvement of the living conditions of the affected populations, the geographic distribution of Diaspora Hellenes in the entire world, but also ways for promoting the active participation of the pupils in voluntary activities.

    The program activities took place in the following:

    • 12 schools in Athens
    • 7 schools in Thessaloniki
    • 6 schools in Patras
    • 6 schools in Larissa
    • 1 school in Ioannina
    • 6 schools in Xanthe

    The program has been further enhanced with the organizing of an open training seminar for teachers of all grades in Larissa, Thessaloniki, Xanthe and Athens. The training seminar, which was titled "Presentation of participative training sessions for school pupils, on issues related to humanitarianism and volunteerism", focused on the following:

    • Crises in our world.
    • The contribution of the European Commission, the citizens and Hellenic Humanitarian Organizations.
    • Awareness raising methodologies for youth (The contribution of social theatre in education, tools).