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Water: Common Good for Humanity and Basic Right for All

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Additional Info

Program Type Awareness Raising Program in Europe
Project Location The program was implemented simultaneously in Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Brazil, Morocco, Tunisia and the Palestinian Authority.
Target Group The public, teachers, educators, students, local institutions, managers of water companies, associations, groups and local commitees involved in water related issues.
Duration 36 months (2005-2007)
Partners CEVI (Italy), CIPSI (Italy), COSPE (Italy), CERAI ( Spain), AFVP (France), Legambiente (Italy), International Water Culture Center (Italy), Adriatic GreeNet (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia), CAV e UFLA (Brazil), AOS (Morocco), ASOC e WFSD (Τunisia), WEDO (Palestinian Authority).
Budget - Funding The overall budget of the program came up to the amount of 1.325.439 Euro, with 80% received from the European Commission Europeaid Office. The budget corresponding to the activities of KESSA DIMITRA came up to the amount of 28.131 Euro (from which 22.505 Euro come from the EU and the rest 5.626 is the own contribution of the organization).
Program state Finished program

The overall objective of the project was to promote the concept of water as a right and a common good belonging to all human beings. More specifically, the program aimed at the following:

  • Sensitization of the public of the conditions of water access in developing countries,
  • Increase of the awareness in the schools (teachers, educators, students) with respect to the connection between water education and citizenship education and
  • Promotion of the changing processes in water management, including the concepts of cooperation, solidarity and participation.
  • The program was developed around the following respective activities:

    • European Campaign communication and sensitization campaign
    • Territorial training and educational campaign in the schools of the participating countries,
    • Sensitizing campaign for local institutions and civil society in the participating countries and
    • Production of educational materials, such as an Internet Website, informational leaflet in many languages, video and interactive CD ROM about water and developing countries, etc.

    The following activities have taken place within the framework of the project:

    • Approximately 500 pupils from 4 schools from Larissa and Athens watched the awareness raising electronic presentation on water and the problems that the populations of developing countries encounter in their efforts to access it.
    • The project information and awareness raising leaflets were created in the Greek language.
    • In cooperation with the Municipal Water Enterprise of Larissa, the program but also the need for rational management of the water resources were presented during the 2006 World Water Day to the people of Larissa.