Cultural Routes on a Bicycle

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Program Type Cultural Program in Greece
Project Location Municipality of Maroussi
Target Group About 2.000 individuals participated in the routes, 100 individuals were involved voluntarily and about 3.000 residents of the Municipality were informed abour the program and its action
Duration 12 months (2007-2008)
Budget - Funding The total budget of the project came up to the amount of 30.000 Euros, with funding received by the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection. Financial Report/ Funding: 30.000 euro
Program state Finished program

The program aimed at sensitizing the citizens of the Municipality of Maroussi, the students, the visitors of the city, young people and many other environmental and cultural organizations

as well as the public regarding the environmental places of the  Municipality. Visits-routs Were realised in the Municipality of Maroussi, where participants were informed about the value and the history of cultural monuments, as well as points of environmental interest. The main transportation mean of these routs was the bicycle, an ecological and flexible mean of transportation.