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Sensitization on Water

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Additional Info

Program Type Awareness Raising Programs in Greece
Project Location The cities of of Larissa, Karditsa and Trikala
Target Group 10 schools from the Municipality, 2.700 High school pupils, approximately 90 teachers, approximately 2.000 Municipality residents of each participating city
Duration 12 months (2007-2008)
Budget - Funding The total budget of the 3 projects came up to the amount of 90.000 Euro, with funding received from the Ministry of Employment and Social Insurance.
Program state Finished program

The projects aimed at sensitizing a large number of Primary & Secondary education pupils, but also the residents of the three participating cities on the problems associated with the lack of water not only in the developing, but also the developed countries, as well as on teaching them how they can contribute to a more rational management of the water resources.

The projects was developed around the following activities:

  • Creation of an electronic presentation on water and its rational management
  • Translation and reproduction of an environmental fairy tale, so that it is distributed to the pupils
  • Contacts with the region’s high schools and investigation of their participation in the program
  • Presentation of the project to the teachers, so that they present it in a volunteer fashion to the pupils