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Cultural city on a bike

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Additional Info

Program Type Awareness Raising Program
Project Location The city of Larissa
Target Group The residents and the visitors of the city
Duration 6 months (2007-2007)
Budget - Funding The program was funded from the General Secretariat of Youth Financial Report / Funding: 28.000 euro
Program state Finished program

Program “Cultural city on a bike” was a sculpting exhibition on the subject of merging all the elements and benefits the modern city resident can reap from using the bicycle as a means of transportation, given through art. The aim of the initiative was the sensitization of the citizens with respect to the quality of life which they do not have anymore in the modern big cities and the promotion of the bicycle as the most health and eco-friendly transportation option.


In effect, “Cultural city on a bike” was an outdoor exhibition of modern three- dimensional works made of metal, using as a main material bicycles. A group of recognizable artists from our city (Achilleas Agelis, Vasilis Aglopoulos, Kostas Varnas, Antigone Griba, Vagelis Zafeiroulis, Eleni Kalabaliki, Apostolis Makris, Lazaros Maravas, Maria Panagiotou, Group “S” – Natasa Vergi, Daoulas Nikos and Eleni Folina, father Seraphim and Mariza Chryssou-Zafeirouli) was invited to create 17 large sculptures, using parts from old bicycles as the main material. The sculptures were exhibited for the first time during the River Peneus Festival, from the 16th until the 22nd of June. During the entire action, there were also two “Open Workshops”, with large numbers of visitors:

  • The painting workshop, during which youth and mainly pupils, had the opportunity to express on canvasses their own approach, based on the idea of the bicycle, and
  • The metal sculpting workshop, during which the artists guided the visitors in experimentation with metallic materials.

The entire awareness raising effort was turned into a thorough photographic album and the exhibition was widely promoted through the Mass Media. Following the end of the Festival, it was moved to central parts of the city, where it has remained during the entire summer.