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Οur planet signals SOS -Thessaloniki SOS

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Additional Info

Program Type Awareness Raising Program in Greece
Project Location The city of Thessaloniki
Target Group 15 schools from the Municipality, 1.000 pupils from the last classes of Primary school and from High school, approximately 60 teachers and 5.000 pupils-users of the Internet from the rest of Greece
Duration 12 months (2007-2008)
Budget - Funding The total budget of the project came up to the amount of 30.000 Euro, with funding received from the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection. Financial Report/ Funding: 30.000 euro
Program state Finished program

The project aimed at sensitizing a large number of pupils from the last classes of Primary School and from High schools from Thessaloniki on the humanitarian and development crises which affect our planet,

which many times lead many people from the entire world to migration, but also to the seeking of asylum in our country. The project aimed at familiarizing the pupils with the very important notions of “difference” and “multi-culturalism”, two concepts which are necessary so that there is cohesion and understanding of the other in modern societies and sad incidents of racism are avoided. Something like this was deemed necessary for the Municipality of Thessaloniki, which is characterized by high numbers of immigrants and refugees and the harmonious co-existence between the various groups constitutes a number one priority for social cohesion.
The project was developed around the following actions:

  • Establishment of a group of volunteers
  • Presentation of the project to the schools
  • Creation of an educational CD ROM for the pupils
  • Creation of an Internet website
  • Organizing of a painting exhibition with a similar subject