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736 Ideas for a Dream

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Program Type Awareness Raising Program in Europe
Project Location Greece
Target Group Students of Junior High Schools & High Schools, Teachers, Non Governmental Organisations that activate in Greece, People with special needs, Professional Artists, Students of faculties of good arts, Members of figurative laboratories & Cultural Associations and Individuals that deal with figurative arts
Duration 11 months (2009-2010)
Partners CEPS Projectes Socials (Spain), Artikel 27 (Belgium), Città de Gela (Italy), Mayfield Arts (Ireland), Stiftung Pfefferwerk (Germany)
Budget - Funding Program's Budget:30.987,20 Euro. Financial Report: cost 30.987 euro, funding: 60% E.U. Funding (18.592,32 euro) and 40% Own Funding (12.394,88 euro)
Program state Finished program

736 Ideas for a Dream: Νew ways of communication and dialogue between members of the Europarliament and European citizens fighting against social exclusion

The basic aim of the program was the emergence of the vital phenomenon of social exclusion and the way of its confrontation, as these became perceptible from citizens. The program was materialised as 2010 is the European Year of Fighting Poverty & Social Exclusion.

More specifically, in the frame of the program ideas-works created and collected that had as subject various phaenomena of social exclusion and proposed solutions for their obliteration and afterwards they portrayed in card postals. The final ideas of the program were presented in an exhibition in Barcelona, while they also were included in a book that was given to all Members of European Parliament for their vigilance, as well as for their contribution in the configuration of the conditions that lead finally to the systematic confrontation of the problem. It was an effort of communication between citizens and members of Parliament and bridging the gap that exists among them.

The following actions were materialized in the frame of program:

  • Two transnational meetings of the project
  • Communication with Junior High Schools & High Schools of Greece, Greek Non Governmental Organizations, Artists, Faculties of Good Arts, Figurative Laboratories, Cultural Associations, Individuals that deal with igurative arts
  • Collection of ideas
  • Digitalization of ideas
  • Creation of the web page of the program:http://www.736ideas.eu and uploadoad of all ideas-works
  • Celebration of Europe’s Global Day and organization of special ceremony in Barcelona
  • Presentation of the works created within the“736 Ideas for a dream” project in a workshop that was organized in cooperation with N.G.O. “Athina” entitled “Child & Mental Health”
  • Creation and printing of a number of postcards with a selection of 4 works created by Greek participants.
  • Creation of a book that includes all works created by participants from all the countries
  • Organization of an event in Athens for the delivery of the books and the presentation of the project.
  • Shipment of books and postcards to Members of the European Parliament