My city on a bike

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Program Type Environmental Program
Project Location 13 cities from the entire Greece
Target Group The permanent residents of the cities who participated in the program, but also visitors
Duration 12 months (2006 - 2007)
Partners Greek Center for the Promotion of Volunteerism «», Social Organization for the Support of Youth “Arsis”, European Expression, Praxis, CVG Conservation Volunteers, Mediterranean S.O.S., SynPolitis
Program state Finished program

The initiative “My city on a bike” aimed at demonstrating the potential of volunteerism, effecting also a significant change in the quality of life of all of us. The initiative fell within a series of commitments and perspectives opened by the Civil Society and aimed at showing that through small, everyday changes, we can all contribute to the improvement of our everyday life, adopting a different attitude. It aimed at kindling a more ecological conscience in the participants and at making them to use the bicycle as a transportation means in the city. This way they experienced the well-being and the joy of sports, but their ecological conscience was enhanced. 


8 Non Governmental Organization from all over Greece had established a network, which implemented simultaneously in 13 cities the initiative “My city on a bike”. It was a dynamic network, which provided group excursions on bicycles, not only to the residents, but also to the visitors of the Cities, so that they could get to know their environmental, cultural and historical monuments. The main transportation means of these excursions was the bicycle, an ecological and flexible means of transportation and the guides of the excursions were trained volunteers, who started from a common point and undertook to guide the participants in each city, on a route which lasted for approximately one and a half hours. 

The activity was implemented simultaneously in Athens, Marathonas, Marousi, Kifisia, Nea Ionia, lavrio, Thessaloniki, Volos, Chania, Kos, Elefsina, Larissa and Karditsa. KESSA DIMITRA was responsible for the implementation of the action in Marousi.