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Create or continue functioning social structures in the Municipality of Larissa.

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Additional Info

Program Type Social support programme
Project Location Larissa
Target Group Citizens wishing to benefit (deprived, homeless, unemployed) Citizens or organizations wishing to offer goods or voluntary work
Duration 24 months (2013-2015)
Partners Municipality of Larissa, Voluntary Humanitarian Action “ANTHROPOMANIA”, Centre for Research and Development “Thessis”
Budget - Funding Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare and the European Social Fund of Greece: 816,000.00 € Budget for Voluntary Humanitarian Action “ANTHROPOMANIA”: 374,000.00 €
Program state Finished program

Create or continue functioning social structures of "National Emergency Social Network Intervention to address poverty" in the Municipality of Larissa.

Coordinating body: Voluntary Humanitarian Action “ANTHROPOMANIA”


The Social Structures of Immediate Poverty Relief was operating in the major Municipalities of the country offering a group of uniform services to the beneficiaries, supporting them with dignity and respect in their everyday needs, observing the principles of transparency and social accountability.


The project goal was the creation of a social security and protection net for our fellow citizens that lived or were in danger of living in a state of poverty. Our goal was the creation of new social structures of immediate poverty relief and the continuation of the existing ones.

In the city of Larissa, the project was implemented through the collaboration of the Municipality of Larissa, the Voluntary Humanitarian Action “ANTHROPOMANIA” and the Centre for Research and Development “Thessis”.


The Social Structures of Immediate Poverty Relief operating in the Municipality of Larissa were the following:

Office of intermediation

It offered information to unemployed, deprived and homeless persons about the services provided by the Social Structures of the Municipality of Larissa, and facilitated the communication between the beneficiaries and the public bodies in health and employment matters (OAED, hospitals etc.)

Social market

It distributed to homeless and deprived persons on a regular basis:

  • Food
  • General goods
  • Personal hygiene goods
  • Clothes, shoes
  • Books, toys

Social Pharmacy

It provided free pharmaceuticals, sanitary goods and parapharmaceutical products to homeless, uninsured, deprived and unemployed persons.

Distribution of foods

Provided free meals every day of the week to homeless and needy.

Local vegetable gardens

Give isomers pieces irrigated and fenced farm to homeless, needy and unemployed to cultivate, with the sole purpose of feeding them.

Time Bank

It offered to homeless, deprived, and unemployed persons as well as to every citizen the possibility to trade goods or services with each other, in a specific geographic region, using alternative monetary units.


Description of the work of “ANTHROPOMANIA
The Voluntary Humanitarian Action “ANTHROPOMANIA”, as a coordinator, was responsible for the following:

  • The coordination of the whole project
  • The operation of the structures of the Social Food Bank, the Time Bank and the Liaison Office
  • The procedures for the selection and hiring of the beneficiaries that were staff the Social Food Bank, the Time Bank and the Liaison Office.
  • The monitoring of the employment status of the beneficiaries.
  • The publicity of the project
  • The financial management of the project and the potential expenses that were covered by the individual Non-Governmental Organizations.