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NGOnet for Women and Children's Rights

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Program Type Development program in Pakistan
Project Location The program was implemented in Pakistan, and more specifically in the cities of Hyderabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Lahore
Target Group The direct project beneficiaries were 43 Pakistani NGOs and their personnel, while the indirect were the women and children represented by these NGOs
Duration 26 months (2004-2006)
Partners Shuhada Organisation from the Baluchistan province, Community Support Concern from the Punjab province, Sindh Development Society from the Sindh province and Khwendo Kor from the NWFP province.
Budget - Funding The total budget came up to 939.500 Euro, with 80% funding (741.600 Euro) received from the Europeaid Cooperation Office. The rest 20% (197.900) constituted the own contribution of KESSA DIMITRA to the project.
Program state Finished program

The main objective of the program was the empowerment of the Pakistani NGOs working in the field of protecting the human rights of two particularly vulnerable social groups, women and children.

Through a plethora of activities, which constituted the project planning, KESSA DIMITRA aimed at implementing an integrated intervention, which consisted of personnel organizing and training, experience and know how transfer, creation of useful tools and the support and development of networking among the Pakistani NGOs, but also among Pakistani NGOs and their Hellenic counterparts.

The main project activities were the following:

  • Creation of a Database of NGOs activated in the field of the protection of Human Rights
  • Creation of an Internet Portal
  • Publication of two Informational Issues
  • Organizing of Training Seminars( Networking and New Technologies, Women and Children's Rights, Fundraising and Project Management Cycle)
  • Organizing of an Awareness Raising Campaign
  • Organizing of the First Conference on the rights of Women and Children in Pakistan
  • Joint submission of proposals

The implementation of the project yielded the following results:

  • Creation of a database, which contains 400 Pakistani NGOs, which are activated in the field of protection of the human rights of women and children.
  • Creation of the project's Internet Portal, which is fully operational and extensively used by the NGOs participating in the project. The Internet Portal holds information, which is developed around the following categories: News from the field, Events, Presentation of the NGOs working in the field, presentation of projects by the NGOs participating in the network,links to the websites of relevant human rights agencies and organizations, Funding Sources, extensive resources with relevant legislation, tools, articles and a Forum for the exchange of opinions. The application is further supported by an Intranet, which allows direct communication between the project partners.
  • The 43 NGOs participating in the program received personal computers and accompanying peripherals, so that they can become accustomed to the applications of new technologies.
  • The four training cycles have been completed in all 4 participating cities (Human Rights of Women and Children, Networking and New Technologies, Project Planning and Implementation, Funding Sources). 280 members of personnel from the participating NGOs received training and special emphasis was given to ensure the equal participation of women in the activities. Additionally, complementary to the seminar related to the theoretical aspects of Human Rights, the participating NGOs organized 19 workshops, with the participation of 507 women which are supported by the organizations.
  • The project's two international publications were completed, which present the situation of the human rights in the country, but also the efforts of the local NGOs to effect change. The second international publication was further supported with the database of NGOs and both publications were reproduced in 5.000 copies, ultimately reaching a total of 6.215 recipients worldwide.
  • Within the framework of the awareness raising campaign, 25.000 women received an awareness raising leaflet on their rights and 25.000 school pupils received notebooks, presenting the human rights of children. Additionally, the school pupils from the 4 provinces of Pakistan had the opportunity to participate in a painting competition on how they perceive their rights.
  • The 43 NGOs constituting the project's network had the opportunity to cooperate in the elaboration of 11 integrated projects on the rights of women and children, under the guidance of KESSA DIMITRA.
  • The conference on the human rights of women and children in Pakistan was organized sucessfully with the presence of Governmental representatives, the European Commiss