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Humanitarian assistance for the Pakistani earthquake victims

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Program Type Humanitarian Aid Program
Project Location The NWFP province of Pakistan
Target Group Earthquake victims of the Mansehra region of the NWFP province of Pakistan
Duration 2 months (2006)
Partners Hellenic Rescue Team-Volos Branch, One Earth, Khwendo Kor
Budget - Funding 2.500 Euro was collected within the framework of the initiative from individuals.
Program state Finished program

On the 8th of October 2005, a catastrophic earthquake with an epicenter close to Muzzarafabad, the capital of the Pakistani administered part of Cashmere killed more than 85.000 people and left 3,5 millions of survivors homeless.

The earthquake destroyed more than 80% of the infrastructures and buildings of the North West Frontier Province and left in its wake hundreds of villages without water and other basic infrastructure.

Many members of the “NGOnet for Women and Children Rights” network, particularly the ones which were based in the region, rushed immediately to provide relief to the earthquake victims. KESSA DIMITRA was one of them.

Following the earthquake and in cooperation with the NGOs Hellenic Rescue Team-Volos Branch and One Earth, KESSA DIMITRA started an awareness raising campaign in order to solicit donations and use them to buy winter blankets. The campaign focused on the cities of Larissa and Volos and the money collected was sent by KESSA DIMITRA to its local partner Khwendo Kor, so that to proceed with the purchasing of the blankets from the local market. The distribution of the blankets benefited 100 households and approximately 600 earthquake victims.