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Emergency humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations in Baghdad

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Program Type Humanitarian Assistance Program in Iraq
Project Location The program was implemented in the capitol of Iraq Baghdad and its surroundings
Target Group The beneficiaries of the program were vulnerable individuals who are treated by hospitals in Baghdad and its surroundings and vulnerable population groups, living under extreme poverty.
Duration 7 months (2002-2003)
Partners Ecumenical Studies Centre, The United Iraqi Medical Society, Jordanian Royal Services.
Budget - Funding The total program cost came up to 300.000 Euro, with funding received from the Hellenic International Development Cooperation Department (Hellenic Aid) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Program state Finished program

The humanitarian assistance project, which was successfully completed on the 30th of November 2003 after a month of an extension, aimed at improving the medical treatment conditions of vulnerable social groups at the hospitals of Baghad and the surrounding regions, which faced shortages with respect to pharmaceutical consumables and personal hygiene items.

Through the provision of pharmaceutical consumables, medical equipment and hygiene items, the target of the project was to improve the provision of nursing and medical services and to facilitate the treatment and recovery of the patients. The hospitals received 128 different products, equal to almost 40 tons of humanitarian assistance. These included the following: pharmaceutical consumables (catheters, gauze, surgery masks, bandages, examination and surgery gloves, disposable syringes etc), medical equipment (sthethoscopes, forceps, surgical instruments etc) and hygiene items (alcohol, soap, disinfectants, hydrogen peroxide etc). The program was completed in two phases, with the following hospitals being the beneficiaries: Al Fallujiah Field Hospital, Al Fallujiah Hospital, Al Zahraa Maternity and Pediatric hospital, Kadimmya Eye Hospital, Al Najaf Teaching Hospital, Musayab Hospital and Namin Hospital.