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Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Program for the Afghan Refugees

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Program Type Humanitarian aid program in Pakistan/Afghanistan
Project Location Refugee camps, shools, hospitals, clinics and urban centres in Pakistan and Afghanistan
Target Group Afghan Refugees in Pakistan and Afghan IDPs
Duration 6 months (2002)
Partners Shuhada Organisation
Budget - Funding The total funding came up to the amount of 293.470 Euro, with 75% ( 220.102 Euro) received from the Hellenic International Development Cooperation Department (Hellenic Aid) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The remaining 25% (73.367 Euro) were donations and the own contribution of our organization.
Program state Finished program

Program Emergency Humanitarian Assistance to the Afghan Refugees at the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan, aimed at the provision of immediate humanitarian assistance to the Afghan Refugees and the IDPs inside Afghanistan, who had fled to areas close to the borders of the two countries after the events of the 11th of September 2001.

During the six months of its duration, the refugees living in an organized camp, schools and an extensive network of clinics and hospitals treating Afghan refugees and being administered by KESSA DIMITRA local partner Shuhada Organisation, received large quantities of personal hygiene items and medical consumables (plastic bed sheeting, disposable surgery gloves and masks,disposable syringes, medical cotton, bandages, pharmaceutical white spirit etc.) Within the framework of the program, 5.000 Afghan children also received winter clothing packages, consisting of one winter jacket, a jumper, a pair of throusers / skirt, socks and a pair of shoes.