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4 Different 4 one Aim

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Additional Info

Program Type Youth Exchange Program in Turkey
Project Location Turkey, in the region of Nevsehir
Target Group 18-25 year old youth, who participated in the program
Duration 1 month (2004)
Partners Sema Yazar Youth Foundation (Turkey), Consulting and Training Agency START (Romania)
Budget - Funding KESSA DIMITRA received 480 Euro in order to cover the preparatory phase of the program in Greece. The funding came from the European Commission Education and Culture Directorate General, program YOUTH.
Program state Finished program

Within the framework of the Budget Line YOUTH issued by the European Commission Directorate General Education and Culture, KESSA DIMITRA participated in the Youth Exchange Program 4 DIFFERENT FOR ONE AIM, which took place in Nevsehir, Turkey. The youth exchange was coordinated by the Sema Yazar Youth Foundation,which is headquartered in Ankara.

The main aim of the program was to eliminate potential cultural stereotypes through the organizing of a meeting of a group of 18-25 year old youth from different countries. The youth exchange was organised in Turkey from the 16th to the 29th of August, with the participation of youth from Greece, Turkey and Romania. The program included the participation of the youth in various working groups, such as a.) Traditional dance group, b.) Traditional Music Goup, c.) Handicraft and d.) Children's Games. In its capacity of project partner, KESSA DIMITRA participated in the selection of the 5 youth and 1 project leader, which would represent Greece. Additionally, it also organised a one week training seminar prior to their departure and organized the trip to Turkey.