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Social Infrastructure support to the earthquake victims of the Izmit and Golcuk camp cities

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Program Type Humanitarian aid program in Turkey:
Project Location The wider area of the cities of Izmit and Golcuk.
Target Group Earthquake victims living in the prefabricated houses' cities in the wider area of Izmit and Golcuk.
Duration 7 months (2000)
Partners Izmit Prefecture, Izmit Metropolitan Municipality, Izmit City Assembly, Saray Bahce Municipality, Ihsaniye Municipality, Human Resources Development Foundation (HRDF).
Budget - Funding The total budget came up to 800.000 EURO, with funding received from the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO).
Program state Finished program

The project aimed at the implementation of two large-scale activities:

  • Installation of 37 laundry mats with 10 washing machines each, in 12 prefabricated houses' settlements, which aimed at the development of hygiene support measures in the settlements.
  • Construction of two Social Centres (500 m2 each), in Ihsaniye and Saraybahce. Each Social Centre is capable of providing psychological, social and vocational support to the earthquake victims, through activities including vocational training of various social groups, psychological support of the earthquake victims and activities for the creative occupation of women, the elderly and children. Additionally to the vocational training homerooms and the offices, each Social Centre hosts a Youth Centre and a kindergarten, for the children of those participating in its activities.
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