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Organising of cultural events and training activities at the Social Centres of Ihsaniye and Saraybahce

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Program Type Post-Humanitarian program in Turkey
Project Location Turkey, at the two Social Centres of the Municipalities of Saraybahce and Ihsaniye, which were built within the framework of implementation of the project "Social Infrastructure support to the earthquake victims of the Izmit and Golcuk camp cities"
Target Group Earthquake victims dwelling in the wider area.
Duration 7 months (2000-2001)
Partners Izmit City Assembly, the Municipalities of the two areas.
Budget - Funding The total budget came up to 40.000.000 Hellenic Drachmas, with funding received from the Hellenic International Development Cooperation Department (Hellenic Aid) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Program state Finished program

The project was designed in order to support the organisation and operation of the two Social Centres with various cultural and training activities, thus contributing to the Hellenic - Turkish approximation on the level of Civil Society, exposing simultaneously the centres’ personnel to European Practices through the transfer of know how.


The following activities were implemented within its framework:

  • Four performances of Hellenic and Turkish Shadow Theatres at the Social Centres.
  • Two exhibitions of products by the Pan-Hellenic Network of people with Special Abilities’ Productive Workshops at the Social Centres.
  • The joint presentation of folk Hellenic and Turkish dances at the SDKM concert hall in Turkey.
  • The training of 9 people from the Social Centres' personnel at the headquarters of KESSA DIMITRA in Larissa.
  • Educational visits of the Social Centres' personnel to Social Institutions in Larissa, Hellas.
  • Training session in Turkey, which had as its subject the impact of the earthquake on the local society, as well as the preparedness for the undertaking of emergency measures for the confrontation of natural disasters.