Create or continue functioning social structures of "National Emergency Social Network Intervention to address poverty" in the Municipality of Larissa.

Coordinating body: Voluntary Humanitarian Action “ANTHROPOMANIA”


The Social Structures of Immediate Poverty Relief was operating in the major Municipalities of the country offering a group of uniform services to the beneficiaries, supporting them with dignity and respect in their everyday needs, observing the principles of transparency and social accountability.

Description of the ANTHROPOMANIA's actions:


Action 2: Networking (code 320), renewal action (paint walk) – full description 

This particular action took place during the last trimester of the proposed action. A special map was created with the exact locations in the Municipality of Athens where some building exteriors were renovated by the programme participants.

The programme was consisted of the following actions:

  • Awareness-raising action in the districts of the Municipality of Larissa and collection of second-hand clothing, shoes and recyclable items.

The National Network of Immediate Social Intervention was a network consisting of Social Structures (Social Food Bank, Social Pharmacy, Liaison Office, Time Bank, Soup Kitchen, Dormitory, Municipal Vegetable Garden, Homeless Reception) for the implementation of a set of actions against poverty on a pan-hellenic level.

The campaign was aimed at:

  • To sensitize the wider Greek society and immigrant communities about the extent and severity of the effects of domestic violence, trafficking and sexual harassment, the already overcrowded with social exclusion of immigrant group,