Within the framework of the Regional Conference of the Greek Socialist Party of Thessaly, "ANTHROPOMANIA" was invited, among other NGOs, to participate with a kiosk and inform both the participants and the wide public on its activities.

Αn "ANTHROPOMANIA" representative participated in a seminar organized by the International Development Cooperation Department (Hellenic Aid) of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the specialised agency of the United Nations "World Food Program", which is the main coordinator of the international food assistance. The seminar was titled "The participation of Hellenic NGOs in the activities of the World Food Program".

The seminar aimed at informing the Hellenic NGOs on the potential and the parameters of becoming involved in the programs run by the World Food Program and its main speakers were the co-chairman of the agency and his colleagues.

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The 2nd Alternative World Water Forum took place from the 17th to the 20h of March in Geneva and it constituted the result of countless interventions implemented during the last years by social and international organizations from all the continents. The Forum identifies as its priority the elaboration of integrated strategic plans, which are based on the 4 fundamental principles of rational use of the planet's water resources:

a.) Water is a fundamental human right,

b.) water is a common good,

c.) water is a public good and therefore governments should ensure its availability and

d.)water must be subject to democratic administration.


The Voluntary Humanitarian Action "ANTHROPOMANIA" was the only Greek NGO to participate in the Forum, through its participation in the program "Water: Common Good for Humanity and Basic Right for All", funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the Centro di Volontariato Internazionale from Italy.

Within the framework of project "Gateway to Self-employment", which is implemented by "ANTHROPOMANIA" with co-financing from the International Development Cooperation Department- Hellenic Aid of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the four cooperatives which participate in the project (Lebabon, Jordan, West Bank and the Gaza Strip) participated in the exposition TRADITIONAL CRAFTS 2006, which was organized successfully from the 11th until the 15th of January at the Former Eastern Athens Airport Exhbition Centre and was addressed exclusively to traders.

More specifically, Al Masmya based in Aman, Jordan, participated with local mosaics and embroidery, the Beirut based Najdeh association participated with traditional embroidery, needlework and small embroidered items, the Culture for Development Cooperative from the West Bank with soaps and various edible items and finally, the cooperative Culture and Free Thought from the Gaza Strip with traditional ceramics and woodcrafts. Simultaneously, representatives from the four cooperatives were available to provide relevant information to any interested parties.

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