Participation in the River Peneus 2007 Festival

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For yet another year in a row, "ANTHROPOMANIA" participated in the annual River Peneus Festival, which is organized every year in the city of Larissa and this year it lasted from the 16th until the 22nd of June.

"ANTHROPOMANIA" participated with the metal sculptures exhibition “Artistic city on a bike”, with statues made by and exhibited to the wide audience by well known artists. The aim of the exhibition was to sensitize and activate the citizens through artistic creation and by using bicycle as the main means of expression. Simultaneously, the visitors of the Festival had the opportunity to participate and experiment with the available materials of the “Open Workshop”, which constituted a collective work of art.

Following the end of the Festival, the works of art were transferred to central points and squares of the city, where they remained during the summer, being exhibited to the citizens and the city’s visitors.