Action Against Poverty

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Date Saturday, 10 September 2005
Location Answering to the universal calling to stop poverty, many well known and particulalry active Hellenic NGOs joined forces with the international movement, establishing the Forum "Action Against Poverty".
Participants The following NGOs participate in the Forum: ANCE, ATTAC HELLAS, Fair Trade Hellas, One Earth, "ANTIGONE", Greek Committee for International Democratic Solidarity, Hellenic Association for International Development , Medical Centre for the Rehabilitation of victims of torture,"ANTHROPOMANIA", Care Centre for the Family and the Child, Centre for the Promotion of Volunteerism "", Mechanics of the World, ARSIS-Social Organization for the Support of Youth, Bridges of Friendship-Social Solidarity Institute, Amnesty International, DI.KE.O.MA., Mediterranean Network SOS, Greek Refugee Council, Hellenic Emmigrant's Forum, Citizen's Association for Intervention, IASO, Klimaka, World Without Wars and Violence, Thessaloniki Ecological Movement, Universal Action, Citizens in Action, PRAXIS, Station for the protection of Wild Animals and Birds of Magnesia

The Global Call for Action Against Poverty (GCAP)is the biggest ever campaign implemented in order to combat poverty and so far, using the characteristic white band, it has managed to activate and motivate thousands of organisations and millions of people all over the world, who all demand radical changes in international relations, but also immediate and effective measures to end poverty and create a world that is more just and humane.

In order to achive this ambitious goal, GCAP focuses its attention on three focal points related to the sustainable development of developing countries:

Adopting of just international transactions
Increasing of the quantity and quality of developmental assistance
Immediate debt relief for the developing countries, without any other economic or political exchanges
The Hellenic Forum aims at contributing jointly with the other national networks to the efforts for the creation of a more just and humane world, which is free of poverty and dependence.


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