On 17th December, the Immigration Union of Greece, under the auspice of Unesco and the University of Peloponnese, will conduct a Seminar on the International Day of Migrants titled: "Children are the future; the new generation is the present”. Eminent personalities will attend the conference in order to express their concerns and make suggestions regarding the present situation, the difficulties and obstacles faced and offer their advice to young people. Members of the European Parliament, representatives of political parties and ministries as well as university professors will honor us with their presence. The Seminar Will take place at Novotel Hotel ( Mihail voda 2-4 , Athens).


For yet another year in a row, "ANTHROPOMANIA" participated in the annual River Peneus Festival, which is organized every year in the city of Larissa and this year it lasted from the 16th until the 22nd of June.

"ANTHROPOMANIA" participated with the metal sculptures exhibition “Artistic city on a bike”, with statues made by and exhibited to the wide audience by well known artists. The aim of the exhibition was to sensitize and activate the citizens through artistic creation and by using bicycle as the main means of expression. Simultaneously, the visitors of the Festival had the opportunity to participate and experiment with the available materials of the “Open Workshop”, which constituted a collective work of art.

Following the end of the Festival, the works of art were transferred to central points and squares of the city, where they remained during the summer, being exhibited to the citizens and the city’s visitors.

Accepting an invitation by the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Kameiros, "ANTHROPOMANIA" participated in the annual cultural exhibition, which is organized on the island of Rhodes in celebration of St Syllas. During the exhibition, hundreds of visitors had the opportunity to admire the handicrafts created by the Palestinian Refugee women within the framework of project "Gateway to self-employment". The exhibition was accompanied by a series of cultural events, which were attended by many people, but also representatives of the local self-government.

Location: Larissa, Greece
Date: 11/6/2006

Participants: Artistic, cultural, sports, environmental and volunteer organizations of the city of Larissa


"ANTHROPOMANIA" participated in the River Peneus annual festival, which was organized by the Municipality of Larissa from the 11th until the 17th of June 2006.

The visitors of the festival had the opportunity to admire the embroideries produced by the Palestinian Refugee women within the framework of project "Gateway to self-employment", but also to become aware of the problems associated with the lack of water, fundamental human right and to become informed about the programs of the European Voluntary Service for Youth.

Within the program "WATER: COMMON GOOD AND BASIC RIGHT OF ALL", ANTHROPOMANIA together with the Municipality of Larissa Cultural Organisation and the Municipal Water Company of Larissa realized an event for the celebration of the World Water Day. The aim of the event was the awareness raising of the local population with respect to the problems encountered in various developing countries in relation to potable water, as well as the populations suffering due its lack. During the event, volunteers from Larissa distributed relevant informational material. The program is co-financed by Europeaid.

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