Any individual or legal person, which is inspired by and agrees with the aims and targets of Anthropomania  and wishes to contribute in full unselfishness towards the advocacy of the ideas expressed through its Humanitarian and Developmental projects, is welcome by the organization in the capacity of a member.

The humanitarian and supportive action of Anthropomania and subsequently the action of its members, owes to be inspired by and should aim at the following:

  • Support of vulnerable groups.
  • Promotion of the social, economic and cultural development of these vulnerable groups.
  • Provision of immediate humanitarian assistance to people suffering the effects of natural disasters or man made interventions.
  • Promotion of democratic ideas and procedures.
  • Support of human rights.
  • Promotion and planning of activities contributing to local development through transnational co-operations.
  • Development of close collaborations with international organizations.
  • Creation of necessary infrastructures for education, production and health.

The members of Anthropomania are frequently informed about its activities, through the posting of informative material.