Within the framework of implementation of its programs and in its constant effort for the promotion and strengthening of volunteerism, Anthropomania demonstrates a large interest for the presence of volunteers in the field.

According to the nature of each project, the volunteer can offer valuable help to Anthropomania personnel, thus contributing towards the smooth implementation of the program and the optimization of its impact on the target groups.

The duties of the volunteer in the field can differ according to his/her abilities and the characteristics of each program, but in general, Anthropomania volunteers participate in almost all activities of the organization. Indicatively, we can mention participation in the registering of needs, collection of data, filing and keeping archives, auxiliary tasks in the field or any other administrative task they are capable of performing.

The allocation of tasks to the volunteers is the responsibility of the Expatriate manager, to whom the volunteers refer.

Anthropomania volunteers stay in the country of implementation for the minimum of three months. Anthropomania covers their travel, alongside their living expenses for the duration of the program.