Campaign in addressing cases of trafficking, domestic violence and sexual harassment

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Additional Info

Program Type Awareness Raising Program in Europe
Project Location Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Larisa and Heraklion Crete
Target Group Women of Third Countries
Duration 1 month (2011)
Partners Diotima, Anthropomania, KEMOP, Antigone, EKAPSI
Budget - Funding The program funded by the Ministry of Interior Public Administration and Decentralization - European Integration Fund. Financial report: cost 26.200 euro, funding: 26.200euro
Program state Finished program

The campaign was aimed at:

  • To sensitize the wider Greek society and immigrant communities about the extent and severity of the effects of domestic violence, trafficking and sexual harassment, the already overcrowded with social exclusion of immigrant group,
  • inform the immigrant communities and the wider Greek society on how to prevent and address behaviors that affect human dignity and how to protect victims,
  • to promote the idea of ​​integration with the same conditions for everyone, men and women, natives and foreigners;
  • get rid of fear and guilt that followed thousands of women towards seeking a better life in their country up here
  • To unite all the major cities of Greece in a network with the common slogan "Ask, learn, act!"
  • Our organization has undertaken the organization of information measures for the city of Larissa

    • two-day event-kiosks 
    • open debate on endoikogeneiaki violence 
    • play game for children 
    • Seminar-raising target group of professionals working in agencies, departments and organizations concerned with the prevention and treatment of domestic violence, trafficking and sexual harassment, and protecting victims 
    • Seminar-raising target group women representatives of immigrant communities of third countries from the region of Larissa 
    • Create a platform for social media and publicity activities in the local press entitled "Live Again!".