More color in our lives: the city changes

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Program Type Program Advisory and support redevelopment of the city of Athens
Project Location Municipality of Athens
Target Group There will be 80 beneficiaries from the following Special Social Groups: Heads of single-parent families – Immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers – Persons living in a state of poverty or endangered by poverty – Long-term unemployed over 45 years old with low qualifications
Duration 24 months (2012-2014)
Partners Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (Coordinator), Municipality of Athens Center of Vocational Training, Voluntary Humanitarian Action “ANTHROPOMANIA”, Business and Innovation Center of Attica (Bicofattica), University of Piraeus Research Center
Budget - Funding The Development Partnership “More colour in our life – We change the city” is implementing a relevant programme in the framework of the action “Local Actions for the Social Integration of Vulnerable Groups” of the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development 2007-2013”, co-funded by the European Social Fund: 390,000.00 €.
Program state Current program

Description of the ANTHROPOMANIA's actions:


Action 2: Networking (code 320), renewal action (paint walk) – full description 

This particular action took place during the last trimester of the proposed action. A special map was created with the exact locations in the Municipality of Athens where some building exteriors were renovated by the programme participants.

The map included the business seat of the premises of the participating businesses with explanatory texts. The interested visitors could discuss with each professional, propose ideas and solutions and exhibit their work. Maps and invitations were forwarded via the social media and the free press, so that this action generated a wider mobilization of citizens towards knowing and changing their city.

In the framework of this action, a website, a workshop and a series of workshops for the generation of policy proposals were delivered.

The conclusions of the meeting and the proposals were distributed to all the competent authorities, local bodies, private bodies, and constituted a basis for future actions. 

Start: 1/9/2012
End: 1/5/2014


Action 8: Counselling for the beneficiaries’ professional integration and employment. 

During this action great emphasis was placed on supporting the beneficiary so that he acquired a better understanding of himself and his behaviour.

The counselling for the beneficiaries’ professional integration and employment was a process during which the beneficiary:

  • Collected information about himself and the job market.
  • Created a precise picture of himself (interests, values)
  • Developed realistic goals for his professional career.
  • Developed and implemented a strategy for the achievement of his goals.

The professional counselling was performed by professional counselling specialists with the objective to outline the unemployed person’s professional profile through the inspection and understanding of himself, his qualifications, his abilities, his interests, his resources and his limitations. During this stage the professional counsellor helped the beneficiary to assess his personal and professional past, to determine his professional goals, to develop his qualifications and to acquire specialized information on matters of employment, the job market etc. 

Start: 1/10/2012
End: 28/2/2014