About Us


The aims of Anthropomania are social, developmental and humanitarian:

  • Support of vulnerable groups.
  • Promotion of the social, economic and cultural development of these vulnerable groups.
  • Provision of immediate humanitarian assistance to people suffering the effects of natural disasters or catastrophic man made interventions.
  • Promotion of democratic ideas and procedures.
  • Support of human rights.
  • Promotion and planning of activities contributing to local development through transnational co-operations.
  • Development of close collaborations with international organisations.
  • Creation of necessary infrastructures for education, production and health.

In order to achieve these objectives, Anthropomania co-operates closely with transnational and Hellenic public organisations, alongside a plethora of non-governmental organisations. Additionally, our highly specialised personnel, our volunteers and active members of the organisation all participate in the implementation of our projects.

Our Actions
The actions undertaken by Anthropomania can be divided in two categories:

Actions during a crisis situation :

  • During a crisis situation, the victims receive immediate rehabilitation and essential relief items, such as blankets, clothing and basic furniture.
  • During the period following a crisis, the measures include the undertaking of feasibility studies for further humanitarian operations and the rehabilitation of social infrastructures, in the form of houses, schools, hospitals and kindergartens.

Long term socio-economic development:

  • Social reconstruction with respect to human rights, equality and democratic participation.
  • Stimulation of social conditions for the coverage of basic human needs, highlighting the necessity for self-sufficiency and development, while simultaneously recognising and protecting local cultures.
  • Integrated approach for the enhancing of human resources leading to social development, giving priority to training and technical support.
  • Strengthening of public awareness on humanitarian issues.
  • Organising of local community based credit funds, administered by local populations.

Target Groups
Anthropomania aims at assisting all vulnerable groups, regardless of gender, colour, nationality, religion, degree of bodily competence or sexual orientation.

To date, Anthropomania has concentrated on three target groups:

  • Refugees
  • Poverty - stricken populations
  • People suffering the effects of natural disasters or catastrophic man made interventions



Administrative Structure

  • The Board of Directors, which meets on a regular basis.
  • The Planning Committee, which develops and plans the organization's strategy with respect to future interventions.
  • The Scientific Committee, which meets every time there is the need for scientific and specialized guidance within the framework of the implementation of the projects.

The last two committees consist of Anthropomania members and specialised personnel and constitute the advisory body of the organisation.

The headquarters of Anthropomania in Larissa, Hellas, have the following structure (click to enlarge):


In the field, our offices have the following structure (click to enlarge):